Your Examination

Your exam begins with a discussion of your vision goals. Are you a candidate for Ortho-K?

Dr. Rozenberg will examine your eyes for the best prescription – not just the sharpest eyesight, but the greatest visual comfort.

He’ll examine your corneas, tear layer and lids. Then he will capture topographic images of your corneas; detailed contour maps of each eye. All of this information will be used by Dr. Rozenberg to personally design your first set of custom lenses.

The exam for lenses usually takes 45-60 minutes and is completely non-invasive; you won’t feel any discomfort.

You’ll receive a call when your lenses are ready. Dr. Rozenberg’s staff will teach you proper care of the lenses and how to put them on and take them off.

*Follow-up visits are then scheduled with Dr. Rozenberg to monitor your comfort, health, and vision, and to decide if a change in lens design is required for optimal results.