How Ortho-K Works

Ortho-K works by gently and painlessly changing the shape of the cornea while you sleep.

The process begins with the design of a tear layer. The pressure of the tears behind the Ortho-k lens causes the cornea to change from its original shape to a newly designed and preferred contour that gives the patient clear eyesight without glasses or contacts while awake.

Software analyzes Dr. Rozenberg’s design and converts this information into a contact lens that will be created for you with multiple complex curves that are matched to the unique shape of your cornea (similar to your fingerprint).

The result is clear and unaided vision.
Without contact lenses or glasses.

Is Ortho-K Good for Me?

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is ideal for both children and adults, nearsighted, farsighted, and astigmatic patients, as well as those over 40 who find they need help for everyday reading (presbyopia) but don’t want to wear reading glasses.

Ortho-K is a perfect choice for any adult who is active during the day and doesn’t want to deal with contact lenses or glasses. It’s also a great choice for children who need vision correction – without the hassles of caring for contact lenses or glasses during school, at sport or other daytime activities.

Studies show that Ortho-K lenses can stop the progression of myopia in children as well as adults. Dr. Rozenberg has patients who started Ortho-K at an early age and avoided anticipated vision loss as they grew older. Patients may stop using Ortho-K at anytime, resulting in a return to their original/natural corneal shape.